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University of Tampa  

Close to 9,000 students are enrolled at the University of Tampa this fall. Maybe that tally includes one of your children, grandchildren, relatives, or friends, or perhaps you’ve got a prospective future Spartan looking to tour the campus. Either way, if you need convenient accommodations close by, look no further than the Westshore Grand!

We’re a straight shot west of this fine center for higher learning, and we’ll show you preeminent hospitality during your stay in Tampa.

The University of Tampa: A Bulwark of the City

The University of Tampa has been nourishing young minds, fostering high-caliber research, and serving as a hub of athletics, arts, and culture since 1931, when it was founded as the Tampa Bay Junior College.

The verdant UT campus’s most famous landmark, minaret-crowned Plant Hall, has a history going back well before the university’s establishment. This magnificent Moorish Revival structure originally served as the Tampa Bay Hotel, built in the late 1800s. That sprawling and sumptuous hotel closed in 1930; the Tampa Bay Junior College soon moved in.

Today the University of Tampa offers on the order of 200 academic study programs and boasts more than two decades of record enrollment. Ready for some Spartan trivia? As of Fall 2016, the University of Tampa’s top three undergraduate majors are International Business, Biology/Environmental Science, and Finance. About half of UT students hail from the Sunshine State; the rest come from all over the rest of the country and the globe. The majority live in on-campus housing.

Besides its outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs, the UT offers a wealth of educational and experiential resources for its students: the chance for Spartans in all programs to study abroad in 70 countries, roughly 1,000 annual internships, the invaluable Saunders Writing Center for peer tutoring in both academic and personal/pleasure writing, and much more.

And then of course there’s the universe of Spartans sports (basketball, baseball, lacrosse, beach volleyball, and others), the student productions and concerts at the Falk Theatre, student publications such as Neon and The Minaret, and a whole lot of other dynamic goings-on.

Stay at the Westshore Grand for a University of Tampa Visit

Whether you’re visiting a current Spartan, touring the campus, or coming for a student theatrical production, game, or ceremony, you won’t find better lodgings than the Westshore Grand: serving up Starwood Tribute Portfolio luxury and elegance just a hop, skip, and a jump from the University of Tampa!

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