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Brunch Cruise Aboard the Yacht Starship in Tampa

Well, what do you know? It’s just about time for that dastardly pirate captain Jose Gaspar and Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla to once again “invade” Tampa.

The Gasparilla Pirate Festival and its centerpiece, the Gasparilla Invasion, is one of the Tampa Bay area’s best-loved yearly parties, and it’s certainly a blast to experience from the shore. But how about joining the pirate gang out on the water for the occasion?

That’s the opportunity offered by YachtStarShip, which is leading a special Gasparilla Invasion Brunch Cruise on Saturday, January 27th, coinciding exactly with the intimidating appearance in Hillsborough Bay by the pirate ship Jose Gasparilla.

Come stay with us at the Westshore Grand and take advantage of our convenient and luxurious Tampa lodgings for the Gasparilla Pirate Festival—and take in the pirate invasion with a side of brunch onboard the Yacht StarShip!

Brunch + Pirate Invasion: Not Your Typical Cruise

Your cruise kicks off at 10:30 AM from Channelside Drive, the yacht meandering its way from Port Tampa out into the bay as you enjoy a delicious and decked-out brunch buffet. You’ll be perfectly situated by 11:30 AM when the Jose Gasparilla and its Gasparilla Flotilla sails into view, the buccaneers’ eyes firmly set on the Tampa skyline.

As Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla makes its way up the Seddon Channel to the Tampa Convention Center—where, at 1 PM, the mayor will (per usual) hand over the key to the city to the triumphant pirate chief—you’ll be cheering on the invasion while enjoying live entertainment and onboard festivities. You’ll receive a pair of drink tickets as part of your Gasparilla Invasion Brunch Cruise as well as free non-alcoholic libations.

Now, it’s not required, but Yacht StarShip encourages you to get into the buccaneer spirit of things by donning your finest scalawag garb for the cruise. After all, why resist Jose Gaspar and Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla? Might as well join the gang, at least for a couple of hours of on-the-water fun.

Join the Gasparilla Invasion With Luxury Lodgings at the Westshore Grand

We’re a mere five miles from downtown Tampa—shortly to be taken over (temporarily) by a pirate flotilla—so a Westshore Grand suite or guestroom makes the perfect home base for Yacht StarShip’s Gasparilla Invasion Brunch Cruise! Relish our chic, modern Tribute Portfolio accommodations while you enjoy an offshore brunch and the whole array of Gasparilla Pirate Festival revelry!

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